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Montak is a dialect of Jeju Island which means 'Everything'.
This is a powerful mobile wallet that can cover all users and all cryptocurrency.
Get the new wallet with the best security which supports almost all Ethereum based tokens right now.

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Features of Montak

Montak is mobile cryptocurrency wallet with user-friendly function and powerful security. You can make payment at the store with instantly generated QR-Code and also interpersonal transactions are possible through code scanning. Easily trade with your cryptocurrency.



Functionalities of Montak

You can securely manage and conveniently use your digital assets.

security reinforcement settings

The Montak app works with the mobile phone screen lock for best security, and to protect your digital assets in case your phone is lost or stolen. If the screen lock is turned off or the settings are changed, the Montak app disconnects the connection of the wallet by invalidating the encrypted information in your wallet. In this case, you will need to re-enter the 12 word paper key to use the Montak app.

Convenient Wallet management

Montak does not require a membership sign up when creating Wallet. You can also create multiple wallets and also manage them on one device by re-entering PaperKey of that wallet using the Unlink function in the setup

Generate QR-CODE

If you generate a QR-CODE, you can enter the product information, price and transfer address, and this QR-CODE can be useful when selling products in cryptocurrency. When the seller scans the QR-CODE received from the buyer, the price and information of the item are immediately brought. You can now pay with your preferred cryptocurrency in an individual transaction or in offline store.


Montak is easy and simple to use for anyone.

Get the best Crypto Wallet Now

Easy and convenient to use, Montak is available now
in the App Store with any smartphone environments.

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